Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to School!

The summer break is officially over for Brayden. He started school yesterday. He is at a new school and is super excited and nervous about making new friends and such a big change. I can't even imagine such a big move, anyone who knows me knows i HATE change, so as you can imagine I have been super stressed out that he won't fit in or won't like it. This worrisome brain of mine has been on red alert since Spring. Although, I can't let him know that I am a completely overprotective an paranoid Mom so I asked him if he wanted me to walk him to his new class the first day of school and he said "it might be a little bit embarrassing Mom, but I want you too". I love how I have become "embarrassing" to him all of the sudden. :-) and PS if he would have said no, I would have walked him anyways. When we pulled up to the school parking lot he told me that I had to give him a hug at the car because he didn't want the other kids to see. When did this change happen? My little boy is not so little anymore. If only his friends knew that he is the biggest cuddle bug EVER at home. I walked him over to the 5th grade hall and all of his new classmates were lined up waiting for the bell to ring and instantly he fit right in. I wish I had his ability to just make instant friends with people...what a talent to have. He loves his new school and the new change I am happy to report! This Mom was worried for nothing.