Thursday, June 9, 2011


So what they say about pregnancy is true. They really are so different everytime. This is baby NO. 3 for me and I feel like a bit of a crazy person this time around. I think I must have an insane amount of extra hormones b/c I keep breaking into uncontrollable crying for almost ANYTHING!!!! This is a new development. It started June 1st to be exact. I went to my neice's graduation and we walked into the gynasium, ( a little bit late in Cantu style) and the grads were already walking in to sit down and the graduation march was playing and I lost it, started crying and crying...stopped and then started again. Seriously, this crying lasted on and off ALL day long that day. I thought it was an emotional day but then everyday since then has been the same. Crying over songs, tv shows, not getting my way, um running out of oranges in the fridge, people looking at me funny, you name it! I mean really, what is happening here???