Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tis' the Season Ladies

I have started yet another DIET....of course. This one is simply making a better choice and ACTUALLY working out. I have started going to Zumba. What a fun class, it is salsa dancing and aerobics wrapped up into an hour long workout. I love it! I have to admit I was skeptical in the begining before I started but I think I am addicted. I tried yogalaties last week and man what a workout. The instructor was probably 60 and she kicked my butt. I was so sore after that class last Wednesday that I literally could barely walk up and down stairs. Needless to say I probably will NOT be going back to that I am in the zone, lets hope it sticks...swimsuit season is getting so close....AHHHHHHHHHHHH. Oh on a side note for all those cookers out there, my sister and I found the best cook book. It is the new Rocko Dispirito (sp) cook book called EAT THIS NOW. It is all the comfort foods we love but cooked with healthier ingridents. Nothing in the book is more than 350 calories a serving and everything is delicious. Try it out!